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Name of department : Statistics
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.39
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.35
Percentile within all departments : 65%
Course Name
ST 101 Statistics by Example
ST 240 Introduction to Behavioral Research I
ST 241 Introduction to Behavioral Research I Lab
ST 242 Introduction to Behavioral Research II
ST 243 Introduction to Behavioral Research II Lab
ST 301 Statistical Methods I
ST 302 Statistical Methods II
ST 305 Statistical Methods
ST 311 Introduction to Statistics
ST 312 Introduction to Statistics II
ST 350 Economics and Business Statistics
ST 351 Data Analysis for Economists
ST 361 Introduction to Statistics for Engineers
ST 370 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
ST 371 Introduction to Probability and Distribution Theory
ST 372 Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression
ST 380 Probability and Statistics for the Physical Sciences
ST 412 Long-Term Act Mod
ST 413 Sh Trm Actuar Modl
ST 421 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I
ST 422 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II
ST 430 Introduction to Regression Analysis
ST 431 Introduction to Experimental Design
ST 432 Introduction to Survey Sampling
ST 435 Statistical Methods for Quality and Productivity Improvement
ST 445 Introduction to Statistical Computing and Data Management
ST 495 Special Topics in Statistics
ST 498 Independent Study In Statistics
ST 500 Unknown
ST 501 Unknown
ST 504 Unknown
ST 505 Applied Nonparametric Statistics
ST 506 Sampling Animal Populations
ST 507 Statistics For the Behavioral Sciences I
ST 508 Statistics For the Behavioral Sciences II
ST 511 Experimental Statistics For Biological Sciences I
ST 512 Experimental Statistics For Biological Sciences II
ST 513 Statistics for Management I
ST 514 Statistics For Management and Social Sciences II
ST 515 Experimental Statistics for Engineers I
ST 516 Experimental Statistics For Engineers II
ST 520 Statistical Principles of Clinical Trials and Epidemiology
ST 521 Statistical Theory I
ST 522 Statistical Theory II
ST 524 Statistics In Plant Science
ST 535 Statistical Process Control
ST 536 Off-Line Quality Control
ST 546 Probability and Stochastic Processes I
ST 552 Linear Models and Variance Components
ST 561 Intermediate Econometrics
ST 590 Special Topics
ST 601 Seminar
ST 610 Stochastic Modeling
ST 620 Special Problems
ST 625 Advanced Special Problems
ST 630 Independent Study
ST 635 Readings
ST 641 Statistical Consulting
ST 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
ST 690 Master's Examination
ST 693 Master's Supervised Research
ST 695 Master's Thesis Research
ST 696 Summer Thesis Research
ST 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
ST 701 Unknown
ST 706 Nonlinear Programming
ST 708 Applied Least Squares
ST 711 Design Of Experiments
ST 714 Life-Testing and Reliability
ST 715 Theory Of Sampling Applied To Survey Design
ST 720 Unknown
ST 721 Genetic Data Analysis
ST 722 Decision Analytic Modeling
ST 730 Applied Time Series Analysis
ST 731 Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis
ST 732 Applied Longitudianal Data Analysis
ST 733 Applied Spatial Statistics
ST 740 Bayesian Inference and Analysis
ST 741 Unknown
ST 744 Categorical and Censored Data Analysis
ST 745 Analysis of Survival Data
ST 746 Introduction To Stochastic Processes
ST 747 Probability and Stochastic Processes II
ST 748 Stochastic Differential Equations
ST 750 Statistical Computing
ST 751 Econometrics
ST 752 Topics In Econometrics
ST 755 Advanced Analysis Of Variance and Variance Components
ST 756 Computational Molecular Evolution
ST 757 Statistics for Molecular Quantitative Genetics
ST 760 Advanced Topics In Construction and Analysis Of Experimental Designs
ST 762 Nonlinear Statistical Models for Univariate and Multivariate Response
ST 770 Statistical Concepts In Genetics
ST 771 Biomathematics I
ST 772 Biomathematics II
ST 773 Stochastic Modeling
ST 778 Measure Theory and Advanced Probability
ST 779 Measure Theory and Advanced Probability II
ST 782 Time Series Analysis: Time Domain
ST 783 Time Series Analysis: Frequency Domain
ST 784 Multivariate Analysis
ST 785 Introduction To Statistical Decision Theory
ST 790 Advanced Special Topics
ST 793 Advanced Statistical Inference I
ST 794 Advanced Statistical Inference II
ST 801 Seminar
ST 810 Advanced Topics in Statistics
ST 820 Special Problems
ST 825 Advanced Special Problems
ST 830 Independent Study
ST 835 Readings
ST 841 Statistical Consulting
ST 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
ST 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
ST 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
ST 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
ST 896 Summer Dissertation Research
ST 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Abbitt, P
Ahed, A
Anderson, A
Arellano, C
Arroway, P
Bach, U
Balan, T
Banks, H
Bao, J
Basten, C
Berger, R
Bernhardt, P
Bhattacharya, B
Bhattacharyya, B
Bloomfield, P
Bobashev, G
Bondell, H
Boos, D
Brinkley, J
Brown, G
Brownie, C
Browning, S
Burg, S
Canner, J
Chiswell, K
Cooney, D
Cox, H
Crews, H
Crotty, M
Curtis, S
Dagalp, R
Dasah, J
Davidian, M
Depuy, V
Dickey, D
Dietz, J
Doehler, K
Doi, J
Donaghy, K
Duan, J
Dunn, J
Dutton, J
Eash, D
Edwards, L
Ehler, D
Elliot, L
Elliott, L
Elston, T
Fackler, P
Faison, P
Fang, S
Ferrier, P
Finger, C
Fouque, J
Fouque, P
Fuentes, M
Genton, M
Gerig, T
Ghosal, S
Ghosh, S
Ghoshal, S
Ghysels, E
Goldstein, B
Gosky, R
Gratton, J
Gregorio, L
Gribbin, M
Gross, K
Gumpertz, M
Hall, A
Hamilton, M
Hammond, R
Hardy, S
Hepler, A
Hohmeister, E
Horowitz, R
Huang, X
Huang, Y
Hughes-oliver, J
Hunt, W
Hunter, S
Hutson, J
Iatis, T
Ide, K
Ietz, J
Inoue, A
Ito, K
Johnson, T
Kalendra, E
Kang, M
Karr, A
Karuri, S
Kepler, T
Kim, H
Krut, C
Langhurst, K
Lee, R
Li, L
Lindsay, B
Liu, B
Liu, Y
Lloyd, A
Lu, W
Lubkin, S
Lunceford, J
Madsen, K
Martin, D
Mathias, J
McGowan, H
Mcintyre, J
Medhin, N
Milford, S
Mitchell, M
Monahan, J
Morgan, B
Motsinger, A
Muse, S
Nail, A
Neilson, D
Nelson, E
Nielsen, D
Orgorek, B
Osborne, J
Pang, T
Pantula, S
Pelletier, D
Peterson, E
Phipps, T
Pollock, K
Post, J
Qiong, L
Ramanan, L
Rao, H
Reich, B
Reif, D
Reiland, T
Ridgeway, D
Robinson, D
Ruan, C
Sen, K
Silverstein, J
Silverstien, J
Smith, C
Smith, L
Staicu, A
Stanislav, S
Stefanski, L
Stone, E
Storlie, C
Sun, W
Swallow, B
Swallow, W
Taylor, L
Tebbs, J
Thompson, J
Thorne, J
Thurman, W
Tsiatis, A
Tsiatis, B
Tzeng, J
Umbach, A
Van buskirk, M
Van orden, A
Vanorden, A
Vasu, E
Wahed, A
Wahed, J
Wang, H
Wasik, J
Weems, K
Weir, B
Wohlgenant, M
Woodard, R
Wu, Y
Zeng, S
Zeng, Z
Zhang, D
Zhang, H

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