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Name of department : Science, Technology, And Society
Average GPA of courses in department :
Std. dev. of courses in department :
Percentile within all departments : %
Course Name
STS 210 Women and Gender In Science and Technology
STS 214 Technology and Values
STS 257 Technology in the Arts
STS 301 Science and Civilization
STS 302 Contemporary Science, Technology and Human Values
STS 303 Humans & The Envir
STS 304 Ethical Dimensions of Progress
STS 320 Ethics in Engineering
STS 322 Technological Catastrophes
STS 323 World Pop & Food
STS 324 Alternative Futures
STS 325 Bio-Medical Ethics: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry
STS 326 Technology Assessment
STS 402 Peace and War in the Nuclear Age
STS 403 Seminar in Technology and Society
STS 405 Technology and American Culture
STS 406 Cons Bio Diversity
STS 412 Entering the 21st Century:Agricultural,Technological & Environmental Perspective
STS 451 Science & The Arts
STS 471 Darwin & Christnty
STS 484 Cross Cultural Technology Transfer
STS 490 Issues in Science, Technology, and Society
STS 491 In St Sci Tech Soc
Brodie, C
Comstock, G
Cunningham, M
Earnshaw, K
Graham, D
Greene, D
Hamlett, P
Harwood, K
Herkert, J
Hicks, M
Korte, C
Kriesberg, H
Kriesberg, N
Maney, J
Murphy, D
Nolan-Stinson, J
Odom, J
Patterson, R
Tavakoli, P
Tjiattas, M
Warren, S
Waschka, R
White, M
Yamamoto, Y

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