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Name of department : Social Work
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.57
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.19
Percentile within all departments : 80%
Course Name
SW 201 Community Social Services
SW 290 The Development of Social Welfare and Social Work in the U.S.
SW 300 Social Work Research Methods
SW 307 Social Welfare Policy: Analysis and Advocacy
SW 310 Human Behavior Theory for Social Work Practice
SW 312 Multicult Soc Wo
SW 320 Social Work Practice I
SW 405 Social Work Practice II
SW 408 Social Work Practice III
SW 410 Multi-Cultural Social Work
SW 412 Social Work in Schools
SW 413 African American Families: History, Tradition, and Community
SW 414 Social Work Practice in Health Care
SW 415 Child Welfare
SW 416 Substance Abuse and Social Work Practice
SW 420 The Legal Aspects of Social Work
SW 480 Preparation for Field Work
SW 490 Field Work in Social Services
SW 495 Special Topics in Social Work
SW 498 Independent Studies in Social Work
SW 501 Soc Welfare Hist
SW 505 Hbse Soc Justice
SW 506 Hbse Indv Fam Grp
SW 507 Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Organizations and Communities
SW 510 Research Methods for Social Work
SW 515 Child Welfare
SW 516 Addiction Recovery
SW 520 Pract Ind Fam Grp
SW 521 Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities
SW 551 Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents
SW 561 Social Work Administration
SW 580 Social Work Professional Seminar
SW 595 Sptp-Soc Welfare
SW 630 Indep Study Soc Wk
SW 652 Social Work Internship II
SW 654 Social Work Internship IV
SW 690 Sw Field Place I
Ames, N
Andreaus, K
Barnes, S
Bell, C
Boston, D
Budnick, C
Casstevens, W
Cauley, L
Davis, S
Dodson, P
Graves, K
Hall, J
Hall-Williams, J
Hancock, T
Haynes, T
Hilarski, C
Hiller-hara, M
Honeyman, K
Horne, S
Hunter, N
Kanode, J
Kenyon, G
Leach, M
Lee, O
Lioferro, T
Lister, K
Lockett, G
Mallard-barne, S
McClure, B
Messinger, L
Miller, M
Miller-harawa, R
Miller-Haraway, R
Miller-harraw, R
Osborne, K
Outlaw, N
Pennell, J
Rabon, S
Register, J
Romney, B
Rooney, B
Ross, K
Shelton, A
Stennis, L
Sullivan, J
Taliaferro, J
Valliere, T
Waites, C
Watkins, K
Weinstein, M
Wells, J
Wichinsky, L
Williams, L

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