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Name of department : Textile And Apparel Management
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.27
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.45
Percentile within all departments : 52%
Course Name
TAM 170 Textile Design Orientation
TAM 217 The Business of Textiles
TAM 218 Introduction to Apparel Technology Management
TAM 219 Fash Prod Analysis
TAM 271 Computer-Aided Textile Design
TAM 282 Intro Tx Brand Mgt
TAM 315 Apparel Production I
TAM 316 Apparel Production II
TAM 317 Computer-Aided-Design I for Apparel
TAM 318 Fashion Dev Pro
TAM 371 Woven Textile Design
TAM 372 Knitted Textile Design
TAM 380 Management and Control of Textile and Apparel Systems
TAM 381 Supervision in the Textile and Apparel Industries
TAM 382 Principles of Soft Goods Marketing
TAM 383 Management of New Product Development
TAM 384 Vismerch Prin Mgmt
TAM 401 Environmental Aspects of the Textile Industry
TAM 414 Textiles and Society
TAM 415 Apparel Product Development
TAM 416 Apparel Production III
TAM 420 Retail Buying & Merchandise Management
TAM 431 Quality Management and Control In Textile Manufacturing
TAM 471 Textile Design Projects I
TAM 472 Textile Design Projects II
TAM 480 Production Management Decisions for Textile Operations
TAM 481 Product Costing in the Textile and Apparel Industry
TAM 482 Textile Marketing Management
TAM 483 Textile and Apparel in International Trade
TAM 484 Management Decision Making for the Textile Firm
TAM 485 Textile Computer Integrated Manufacturing
TAM 486 Total Quick Response in the Textile Industry
TAM 487 Textile and Apparel Labor Management
TAM 490 Development Projects in Textile and Apparel Management
TAM 491 Special Topics in Textile and Apparel Management
TAM 494 International Industrial Internship in Textile Management
TAM 495 Unknown
TAM 497 Textile Management Senior Project
TAM 499 Textile Senior Project
TAM 589 Special Studies In Textile Management and Technology
Anderson, K
Banks-lee, P
Barbee, G
Barnhardt, B
Barnhardt, R
Batra, S
Cassill, N
Clapp, T
Donaldson, A
Donaldson, R
Garland, G
Ghosh, T
Gibson, F
Godfrey, A
Harazin, W
Hergeth, H
Hodge, G
Istook, C
Jackson, J
Jones, M
Kilduff, P
King, B
King, M
King, W
Lawrence, G
Litle, T
Little, T
May, T
May-plumlee, T
Oh, H
Oxenham, W
Parillo-chapm, L
Parrillo-c, L
Parrillo-chap, L
Parrilo-chapm, L
Pourdeyhimi, B
Powell, N
Seyam, A
Simmons, C
Simmons, K
Suh, M
Thoney, K

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