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Name of department : Textile Chemistry
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.24
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.35
Percentile within all departments : 49%
Course Name
TC 105 Introduction to Textiles and Computers
TC 203 Introduction to Polymer Chemistry
TC 301 Technology of Dyeing and Finishing
TC 302 Technology of Textile Wet Processing
TC 305 Introduction to Color Science and Its Applications
TC 310 Textile Preparation and Finishing Chemistry
TC 320 Textile Dyeing and Printing
TC 401 Environmental Aspects of the Textile Industry
TC 402 Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Fiber Formation
TC 403 Carpet Industry
TC 407 Wet Processing Operations and Quality Control
TC 412 Textile Chemical Analysis
TC 441 Theory of Physico-Chemical Processes in Textiles I
TC 442 Theory of Physico-Chemical Processes in Textiles II
TC 461 Introduction to Fiber Forming Polymers
TC 466 Polymer Chemistry Laboratory
TC 490 Undergraduate Research in Textile Chemistry
TC 491 Seminar in Textile Chemistry
TC 492 Special Topics in Textile Chemistry
TC 504 Unknown
TC 530 The Chemistry Of Textile Auxiliaries
TC 561 Organic Chemistry Of Polymers
TC 565 Polymer Applications and Technology
TC 589 Special Studies Textile Engineering and Science
TC 601 Seminar
TC 630 Independent Study
TC 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
TC 690 Master's Examination
TC 693 Master's Supervised Research
TC 695 Master's Thesis Research
TC 696 Summer Thesis Research
TC 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
TC 704 Fiber Formation--Theory and Practice
TC 705 Theory Of Dyeing
TC 706 Color Science
TC 707 Color Laboratory
TC 720 Chemistry Of Dyes and Color
TC 721 Dye Synthesis Laboratory
TC 725 Dyeing Cellulose
TC 762 Physical Chemistry Of High Polymers-Bulk Properties
TC 769 Polymers, Surfactants and Collodial Materials
TC 771 Polymer Microstructures, Conformations and Properties
TC 772 Physical Chemistry Of High Polymers--Solution Properties
TC 779 Diffusion In Polymers
TC 791 Special Topics In Textile Science
TC 792 Special Topics In Fiber Science
TC 896 Summer Dissert Res
Barker, R
Beck, K
Dail, P
Freeman, H
Gorga, R
Grady, P
Hamouda, H
Hauser, P
Hinestroza, J
Hinks, D
Hudson, S
Jasper, W
Kotek, R
Krause, W
Mock, G
Rucker, J
Shamey, R
Smith, B
Smith, C
Theil, M
Tonelli, A

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