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Name of department : Textile Technology
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.14
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.39
Percentile within all departments : 37%
Course Name
TT 105 Introduction to Textile Technology
TT 203 Nonw Polyms & Fibs
TT 221 Yarn Production and Properties I
TT 241 Knitted Fabric Technology I
TT 251 Woven Fabric Technology I
TT 252 Formation and Structure of Textile Fabrics
TT 305 Fiberweb and Nonwoven Production
TT 321 Yarn Production and Properties II
TT 331 Performance Evaluation of Textile Materials
TT 341 Knitted Fabric Technology II
TT 351 Woven Fabric Technology
TT 370 Technical Fabric Design
TT 371 Woven Textile Dn
TT 372 Knitted Textile Dn
TT 380 Management and Control of Textile and Apparel Systems
TT 405 Adv Nonwoven Proc
TT 406 Bonding Nonwovens
TT 407 Char Mthd Nonwoven
TT 408 Nonwoven Prod Dev
TT 421 Developments in Yarn Manufacturing
TT 425 Textured Yarn Production and Properties
TT 431 Quality Management and Control In Textile Manufacturing
TT 441 Advanced Knitting Systems and Fabrics
TT 443 Unknown
TT 451 Advanced Woven Fabric Design
TT 470 Jacq Fabric Design
TT 486 Supply Chain Management in the Textile Industry
TT 497 Technology of Product/Process Development in Textiles I
TT 498 Technology of Product/Process Development in Textiles II
TT 499 Textile Senior Project
TT 500 Understanding the Textile Complex
TT 503 Nonw Polyms & Fbrs
TT 504 Nonwovens Processi
TT 505 Adv Nonwoven Proce
TT 506 Nonwovens Bonding
TT 507 Nonw Charact Meth
TT 508 Nonw Prod Develop
TT 520 Yarn Processing Dynamics
TT 521 Filament Yarn Production Processing and Properties
TT 530 Textile Quality and Process Control
TT 532 Evaluation of Biotextiles
TT 533 Lean Six Sigma Quality
TT 535 Research Methods and Management
TT 541 Theory and Practice Of Knitted Fabric Production and Control
TT 549 Warp Knit Engineering and Structural Design
TT 550 Production Mechanics and Properties of Woven Fabrics
TT 551 Advance Woven Fabric Design & Structures
TT 552 Formation, Structure and Assembly of Medical Textile Products
TT 570 Textile Digital Dn
TT 571 Professional Practices in Textile Design and Technology
TT 581 Technical Textiles
TT 591 Special Studies in Textile Technology
TT 601 Seminar
TT 630 Independent Study in Textile Technology
TT 676 Special Projects Textile Technology
TT 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
TT 690 Master's Examination
TT 693 Master's Supervised Research
TT 695 Master's Thesis Research
TT 696 Summer Thesis Research
TT 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
TT 720 Yarn Production/Properties: Advanced Topics
TT 721 Total Quality Management in Textiles
TT 750 Advances in Woven Fabric Formation and Structure
TT 781 Mechanics of Twisted Structures
TT 782 Mechanics of Fabric Structures
TT 896 Summer Dissert Res
Abd Hamouda, T
Anantharamaiah, N
Anderson, K
Banks-lee, P
Barker, R
Barnhardt, B
Barnhardt, R
Batra, S
Cassell, N
Cassill, N
Clapp, T
Dail, P
Datillo, P
Davis, H
Dodd, E
Donaldson, A
Ghosh, T
Grissett, G
Hassanin, A
Hatcher, L
Hergeth, H
Hinks, D
Hodge, G
Hodgte, G
Hutchings, J
Istook, C
Jones, M
Kilduff, P
King, M
Lamar, T
Laney, M
Little, T
Mathur, K
May, T
May-plumlee, T
Mckinnon, L
Michielsen, S
Michielson, S
Moser, C
Oxenham, W
Parrillo-chap, L
Parrillo-Chapman, L
Phillips, K
Pittman, A
Pourdeyhimi, B
Powell, E
Powell, N
Seyam, A
Shiffler, D
Shim, E
Smith, E
Smith, G
Suh, M
Tafreshi, H
Thoney, K
Tou, N

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