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Name of department : Women's And Gender Studies
Average GPA of courses in department :
Std. dev. of courses in department :
Percentile within all departments : %
Course Name
WGS 200 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WGS 204 Sociology of Family
WGS 210 Women and Gender in Science and Technology
WGS 293 Special Topics in WGS
WGS 304 Women and Men in Society
WGS 305 Women and Literature
WGS 306 Gender And Politic
WGS 310 Women's and Gender Studies Internship
WGS 327 Language and Gender
WGS 330 Women and Health
WGS 360 Women In Music
WGS 362 Communication and Gender
WGS 406 Psychology of Gender
WGS 407 Sociology of Sexualities
WGS 418 Gender Law and Policies
WGS 444 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women
WGS 447 History of American Women to 1900
WGS 448 American Women in the Twentieth Century
WGS 492 Theoretical Issues in Women's and Gender Studies
WGS 493 Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
WGS 506 Psychology of Gender
WGS 540 Gender Issues In Counseling
WGS 547 History Of American Women To 1900
WGS 548 American Women In the Twentieth Century
WGS 593 Special Topics
WGS 633 Independent Study
WGS 704 Feminist Thought in the Social Sciences
WGS 737 Sociology Of Gender
WGS 739 Social Psychology Of Inequality
Atkinson, M
Bada, A
Bishop, N
Bolonyai, A
Davis, S
Elliott, S
Ellovich, R
Glancy, E
Graham, F
Greene, S
Greenstein, T
Halberstadt, A
Harwood, K
Hooker, D
Judge, D
Kaufman, M
Kerman, Z
Leonard, B
Leonard, R
Lonyai, B
Lynch, M
Mallinson, C
Mayberry, J
Mcclure, A
Mctague, T
Monahan, M
Murphy, D
Mykyta, L
Ozturk, H
Paeplow, C
Pierce, C
Pramaggiore, M
Rhea, A
Risman, B
Schwalbe, M
Seale, E
Setzer, S
Severin, L
Simons-Rudolph, A
Stone, R
T-devey, B
Tyler, P
Van Hofwegen, J
Vogel, P
Warren, C
Wills, J
Wright, C
Wyer, M

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