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Name of department : Wood And Paper Science
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.15
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.39
Percentile within all departments : 39%
Course Name
WPS 100 Introduction to Pulping & Papermaking
WPS 101 Intr Pulp Pap Tech
WPS 102 Unknown
WPS 104 Introduction to Wood Products
WPS 201 Pulping and Papermaking Technology
WPS 202 Wood Anatomy and Properties
WPS 203 Wood Physical Properties
WPS 205 Wood Products Practicum
WPS 210 Wood Products Internship
WPS 211 Pulp and Paper Internship
WPS 212 Paper Properties
WPS 215 Unknown
WPS 216 Unknown
WPS 240 Wood Products
WPS 242 Wood Fiber Analysis
WPS 301 Wood Processing I
WPS 302 Wood Processing II
WPS 309 Wood Products Processing: Facilities and Infrastructure
WPS 310 Unknown
WPS 322 Wet End and Polymer Chemistry
WPS 332 Wood and Pulping Chemistry
WPS 344 Introduction to Quality Control in Wood Products
WPS 346 Forest Prod Business Mktg
WPS 350 Wood Products Literature
WPS 355 Pulp and Paper Unit Processes I
WPS 360 Pulp and Paper Unit Processes II
WPS 371 Pulping Process Analysis
WPS 381 Unknown
WPS 410 Unknown
WPS 415 Senior Research Projects
WPS 416 Process Design and Analysis
WPS 417 Process Design and Analysis Lab
WPS 423 Forest Machinery and Systems
WPS 441 Wood Mechanics
WPS 444 Wood Composites
WPS 450 Wood Industry Case Studies
WPS 460 Unknown
WPS 465 Paper Physics and Product Design
WPS 472 Paper Process Analysis
WPS 475 Process Control in Pulp and Paper
WPS 482 Projects in Wood Products
WPS 483 Projects in Wood Products
WPS 491 Special Topics in Wood and Paper Science
WPS 510 Strategic Business Processes for the Forest Products Industry
WPS 516 Forest Products Colloids & Surfaces
WPS 527 Wet-End and Colloidal Chemistry
WPS 528 Structural Design in Wood
WPS 534 Mechatronics Design
WPS 565 Paper Physics
WPS 577 Paper Coating and Printing
WPS 591 Master's Seminar
WPS 595 Special Topics Wood and Paper Science
WPS 601 Seminar
WPS 620 Wood and Paper Science Problems
WPS 625 Advanced Wood and Paper Science Problems
WPS 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
WPS 688 Non-Thesis Half Rg
WPS 689 Non-Thesis Full Rg
WPS 690 Master's Examination
WPS 691 Methods Of Research In Wood and Paper Science
WPS 693 Master's Supervised Research
WPS 695 Master Thesis Research
WPS 696 Summer Thesis Research
WPS 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
WPS 704 Timber Physics
WPS 713 Tropical Woods
WPS 715 Surface and Colloid Chemistry Of Papermaking
WPS 721 Chemistry Of Wood Polysaccharides
WPS 722 Chemistry Of Lignin and Extractives
WPS 725 Pollution Abatement In Forest Products Industries
WPS 733 Advanced Wood Anatomy
WPS 740 Wood Composites
WPS 750 Wastewater Treatment In the Paper Industry
WPS 760 Advanced Pulp and Paper Process Analysis
WPS 791 Doctoral Seminar
WPS 795 Advanced Special Topics
WPS 801 Seminar
WPS 820 Special Problems
WPS 825 Advanced Wood and Paper Science Problems
WPS 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
WPS 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
WPS 891 Methods Of Research In Wood and Paper Science
WPS 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
WPS 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
WPS 896 Summer Dissertation Research
WPS 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Argyropoulos, D
Ashcraft, D
Buehlmann, U
Buehmann, U
Byrd, M
Cardenas, D
Chang, H
Chen, C
Chen, H
Dasmohapatra, S
Ehimann, B
Gilbert, R
Heitmann, J
Hubbe, M
Jameel, H
Kadla, J
Kasal, B
Kelley, S
Kelly, M
Kirkman, A
Kocurek, M
Lemaster, R
Love, C
Lucia, L
Mitchell, P
Olf, H
Park, S
Pawlak, J
Payne, S
Peralta, P
Peszlen, A
Peszlen, I
Ramasubramani, M
Rojas, O
Saloni, D
Stewart, J
Stewart, S
Tilotta, D
Venditti, R
Wellman, D
Wheeler, E
Wilson, B

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