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Name of department : Zoology
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.01
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.43
Percentile within all departments : 23%
Course Name
ZO 072 Vert Pest Mgmt
ZO 150 Animal Diversity
ZO 160 Introduction to Cellular and Developmental Zoology
ZO 212 Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology
ZO 220 Marine Biology
ZO 221 Conservation of Natural Resources
ZO 250 Animal Anatomy and Physiology
ZO 260 Evolution, Behavior, and Ecology
ZO 295 Special Topics in Zoology
ZO 315 General Parasitology
ZO 353 Wildlife Management
ZO 361 Principles of Embryonic Development
ZO 370 Developmental Anatomy and Histology of the Vertebrates I
ZO 371 Developmental Anatomy and Histology of the Vertebrates II
ZO 375 Developmental Anatomy and Histology Laboratory I
ZO 376 Developmental Anatomy and Histology Laboratory II
ZO 402 Invertebrate Zoology
ZO 403 Invertebrate Zoology Laboratory
ZO 410 Introduction to Animal Behavior
ZO 412 Human Anatomy
ZO 414 Cell Biology
ZO 419 Limnology
ZO 420 Introduction to Fisheries Science
ZO 421 Principles of Physiology
ZO 422 Biological Clocks
ZO 423 Introduction to Fisheries Sciences Laboratory
ZO 425 General Entomology
ZO 430 Fisheries and Wildlife Administration
ZO 441 Biology of Fishes
ZO 442 Biology of Fishes Laboratory
ZO 450 Evolutionary Biology
ZO 460 Aquatic Natural History Laboratory
ZO 480 Laboratory Techniques in Cellular Biology
ZO 488 Neurobiology
ZO 492 External Learning Experience
ZO 493 Special Problems/Research Exploration
ZO 495 Special Topics in Zoology
ZO 501 Ornithology
ZO 503 General Physiology I
ZO 504 General Physiology II
ZO 508 Brain Sex Gender
ZO 509 Ecology Of Stream Invertebrates
ZO 512 Animal Symbiosis
ZO 513 Comparative Physiology
ZO 515 Fish Physiology
ZO 519 Limnology
ZO 522 Biological Clocks
ZO 524 Comparative Endocrinology
ZO 542 Herpetology
ZO 544 Mammalogy
ZO 550 Principles Of Biological Oceanography
ZO 553 Principles Of Wildlife Science
ZO 554 Wildlife Field Studies
ZO 555 Protozoology
ZO 581 Helminthology
ZO 582 Medical and Veterinary Entomology
ZO 586 Aquaculture I
ZO 587 Aquaculture I Laboratory
ZO 588 Neurobiology
ZO 592 Topical Problems
ZO 601 Seminar
ZO 602 Seminar In Biology Of Reproduction
ZO 603 Aquatic Ecology Seminar
ZO 624 Topical Problems
ZO 631 Special Topics
ZO 660 Population Ecology
ZO 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
ZO 688 Non-Thesis Half Rg
ZO 689 Non-Thesis Full Rg
ZO 690 Master's Examination
ZO 693 Master's Supervised Research
ZO 695 Master's Thesis Research
ZO 696 Summer Thesis Research
ZO 699 Research In Zoology
ZO 710 Sampling Animal Populations
ZO 714 Advanced Cell Biology
ZO 718 Community Ecology
ZO 721 Fishery Science
ZO 726 Quantitative Fisheries Management
ZO 740 Evolutionary Genetics
ZO 750 Marine Benthic Ecology
ZO 754 Advances In Marine Community Ecology
ZO 756 Ecology Of Fishes
ZO 760 Principles Of Ecology
ZO 770 Advanced Topics In Ecology I
ZO 784 Advanced Topics In the Study Of Mammals
ZO 789 Advanced Limnology
ZO 790 Special Topics
ZO 791 Topics In Animal Behavior
ZO 792 Topical Problems
ZO 802 Seminar In Biology Of Reproduction
ZO 804 Seminar In Evolutionary Biology
ZO 824 Topical Problems
ZO 829 Special Topics
ZO 831 Special Topics
ZO 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
ZO 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
ZO 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
ZO 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
ZO 896 Summer Dissertation Research
ZO 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Aday, D
Anholt, R
Black, B
Borski, R
Brizuela, B
Buckel, J
Chartier, N
Collazo, J
Daniels, H
Dunn, R
Farin, C
Ferzli, M
Gilliam, J
Godwin, J
Grant, W
Grossfeld, R
Haddad, N
Heatwole, H
Hightower, J
Holt, A
Lubischer, J
Lytle, C
Miller, J
Mozley, S
Niedlfeaver, M
Niedzlfeaver, M
Parks, L
Powell, R
Roberts, J
Simons, T
Siopes, T
Underwod, H
Underwood, H
Van Horn, S

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