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ENG 371Late Twentieth-Century Fiction0.000%
CS 53Turf Orn Weed Cont1.590%
HI 400Civilization of the Ancient Near East1.710%
AGI 11Writing Skills I1.810%
CS 21Turfgras Their Use1.820%
PS 311Criminal Justice Policy Process1.840%
HA 404Italian Renaissance Masters1.890%
SOC 509Population Problems1.950%
HI 409The High Middle Ages1.980%
MA 101Intermediate Algebra1.980%
ENG 390Classical Backgrounds of English Literature1.980%
PS 343Government and Politics in South Asia2.000%
ARE 41Personal Fin Mgt2.050%
ARE 63Managemt Personnel2.050%
MAT 301Equilibrium and Rate Processes2.060%
CS 22Prin Turfgr Manage2.070%
ANT 253Introduction to Prehistory2.080%
ENT 63Ornam Turf Insects2.111%
LOG 201Logic2.111%
HS 11Plant Identificati2.111%
MAT 331Electronic Properties of Materials2.111%
REL 484Myth and History in Religious Biography2.131%
PY 202University Physics II2.141%
ARE 12Intro To Ag Econ2.141%
ECE 220Analytical Foundations of Electrical and Computer Engineering2.151%
CE 313Mechanics of Solids2.161%
ARE 311Agricultural Markets2.171%
FOR 212Dendrology2.171%
ENG 468American Romantics2.181%
MAE 302Engineering Thermodynamics II2.181%
MAE 314Solid Mechanics2.191%
MDS 496Topics in Film and Interdisciplinary Studies2.201%
ARE 436Environmental Economics2.201%
PS 445Comparative Systems of Law and Justice2.211%
WPS 203Wood Physical Properties2.221%
PS 345Governments and Politics in the Middle East2.231%
PP 55Dis Ornam & Turfgr2.242%
ENG 469American Realism and Naturalism2.242%
CE 214Engineering Mechanics-Statics2.252%
CE 215Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics2.252%
MA 426Mathematical Analysis II2.252%
MAE 356Aerodynamics II2.272%
ANT 330Peoples and Cultures of Africa2.272%
CSC 114Introduction to Computing-C++2.272%
EC 449International Finance2.272%
ENT 10General Entomology2.272%
MAE 208Engineering Dynamics2.282%
SOC 300Social Research Methods2.282%
SOC 402Urban Sociology2.282%
SSC 12Principle Soil Sci2.282%
MAE 261Aerospace Vehicle Performance2.292%
MAE 308Fluid Mechanics2.292%
BUS 483Entrepreneurship2.292%
ANT 464Anthropology of Religion2.302%
CSC 302Introduction to Numerical Methods2.302%
CS 55Advanced Turf Mgmt2.302%
EC 448International Trade2.313%
HI 461Civilization of the Old South2.313%
HI 473Japan's Empire in Asia, 1868-19452.313%
NE 301Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering2.313%
PY 133Conceptual Physics: Optics2.323%
TAM 431Quality Management and Control In Textile Manufacturing2.323%
CS 200Introduction to Turfgrass Management2.323%
AGI 15Math Skills Ii2.323%
MA 241Calculus II2.333%
CH 111Preparatory Chemistry2.343%
PRT 366Unknown2.343%
PRT 380Analysis and Evaluation in Parks, Recreation2.343%
PS 202State and Local Government2.343%
SSC 185Land and Life2.343%
MAE 472Aerospace Structures II2.343%
MAE 371Aerospace Structures I2.354%
PS 306Law and Courts in the American Political System2.354%
ANT 373The Human Fossil Record2.354%
ARE 21Agribusiness Acct2.354%
CE 297Current Topics in Civil Engineering2.354%
HI 405History and Archaeology of the Roman Empire2.354%
PHI 333Theory of Knowledge2.364%
PY 205Physics for Engineers and Scientists I2.364%
TT 351Woven Fabric Technology2.374%
LAT 202Intermediate Latin II2.374%
MA 107Precalculus I2.384%
PS 418Gender Law and Policies2.384%
SOC 351Population and Planning2.394%
MAE 355Aerodynamics I2.394%
MAE 301Engineering Thermodynamics I2.394%
FW 430Fisheries and Wildlife Administration2.394%
MA 105Mathematics of Finance2.404%
CE 325Structural Analysis2.404%
MAE 310Heat Transfer Fundamentals2.404%
PEH 286Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Control2.404%
PS 241Introduction to Comparative Politics2.404%
ZO 371Developmental Anatomy and Histology of the Vertebrates II2.404%
PO 52Poultry Comm Appli2.415%
ACC 210Accounting I Concepts of Financial Reporting2.415%
HS 15Plant Growth Devel2.415%
ECE 305Electric Power Systems2.415%
CSC 461Computer Graphics2.425%
EC 413Competition, Monopoly and Public Policy2.425%
PS 309Equality and Justice in United States Law2.425%
MEA 102Geology II: Historical2.425%
MAE 316Strength of Mechanical Components2.435%
PY 211College Physics I2.435%
CH 101Chemistry - A Molecular Science2.435%
ECE 434Electronic Energy Converters2.435%
FLS 105Intensive Elementary Spanish2.435%
CH 220Introductory Organic Chemistry2.446%
EC 304Introduction to Financial Markets and Institutions2.446%
ARC 141History of Design I2.446%
SOC 309Religion and Society2.446%
ST 371Introduction to Probability and Distribution Theory2.446%
MAE 315Dynamics of Machines2.446%
MAE 442Automotive Engineering2.446%
MAT 425Introduction to Polymeric Materials2.446%
MUS 260History of Jazz2.446%
AGI 12Writing Skills Ii2.456%
FOR 374Forest Measurement, Modeling, and Inventory2.456%
MA 141Calculus I2.466%
MEA 140Natural Hazards and Global Change2.466%
MEA 200Introduction to Oceanography2.476%
PS 314Science, Technology and Public Policy2.476%
ZO 370Developmental Anatomy and Histology of the Vertebrates I2.476%
HI 442Creating the Constitution : Origins and Development2.476%
ENG 261English Literature I2.476%
ENG 248Survey of African-American Literature2.486%
ECE 301Linear Systems2.486%
CH 221Organic Chemistry I2.486%
PHI 340Philosophy of Science2.486%
SSC 461Soil Physical Properties and Plant Growth2.497%
PHI 301Early Modern Philosophy2.497%
TAM 485Textile Computer Integrated Manufacturing2.497%
BCH 453Biochemistry of Gene Expression2.497%
HS 21Plant Propagation2.497%
MA 131Calculus for Life and Management Sciences A2.497%
GRK 310Classical Mythology2.507%
ENG 558Studies In Shakespeare2.507%
ANS 12Anim Feeds & Nutr2.507%
CS 51Forage Production2.507%
CS 52Weed Cont Field Cr2.507%
CSC 210Unknown2.507%
MAE 435Principles of Automatic Control2.507%
PHI 440The Scientific Method2.507%
PS 310Public Policy2.507%
PS 308Supreme Court and Public Policy2.517%
SOC 51Commun Leadership2.517%
COM 298Special Projects in Communication2.517%
ECE 218Unknown2.517%
FW 221Conservation of Natural Resources2.517%
MA 121Elements of Calculus2.517%
MA 325Introduction to Applied Mathematics2.528%
ECE 314Unknown2.528%
COM 321Survey of Rhetorical Theory2.528%
ACC 311Intermediate Financial Accounting II2.528%
ACC 320Managerial Uses of Cost Data2.528%
ANT 251Physical Anthropology2.528%
SOC 410Sociology of Organizations2.528%
PY 208Physics for Scientists and Engineers2.528%
ECE 302Microelectronics2.538%
FOR 434Forest Operations and Analysis2.538%
GN 413Advanced Genetics2.548%
HI 42920th Century Britain2.548%
ENG 463The Victorian Period2.548%
ENG 448African-American Literature2.548%
COM 374History of Film From 19402.548%
CS 11Field Crop Product2.548%
PS 361Introduction to Political Theory2.548%
PY 414Electromagnetism I2.559%
MA 421Introduction to Probability2.559%
AGI 95Spec Topics Agi2.559%
ANS 63Repro In Farm Anim2.559%
ANS 205Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals2.559%
ENG 265American Literature I2.559%
ECE 451Power System Analysis2.559%
MA 114Introduction to Finite Mathematics with Applications2.559%
HI 221British History to 16882.559%
FOR 221Conservation of Natural Resources2.569%
ACC 220Introduction to Managerial Accounting2.569%
CH 431Physical Chemistry I2.569%
CHE 205Chemical Process Principles2.569%
MAT 330Crystal Chemistry and Phase Equilibria2.569%
NE 202Fundamentals of Nuclear Energy2.569%
ST 372Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression2.569%
SOC 425Juvenile Delinquency2.5710%
PY 124Solar System Astronomy2.5710%
MEA 101Geology I: Physical2.5710%
WPS 202Wood Anatomy and Properties2.5710%
ZO 421Principles of Physiology2.5710%
CH 433Physical Chemistry II2.5710%
CSC 116Introduction to Computing - Java2.5710%
EC 301Intermediate Microeconomics2.5710%
EC 470The Japanese Economy2.5710%
ENG 262English Literature II2.5710%
ENG 399Contemporary Literature II (1940 to Present)2.5710%
ENT 21Pesticides & Use2.5710%
ENG 46218th-Century English Literature2.5810%
ACC 330An Introduction To Income Taxation2.5810%
CE 382Hydraulics2.5810%
MEA 130Introduction to Weather and Climate2.5810%
MAT 435Physical Ceramics2.5910%
SOC 305Racial and Ethnic Relations2.5910%

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