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ANT 325Andean South America4.000000
BUS 438Staffing4.000000
BUS 442Information Systems Development4.000000
BUS 472Operations Planning and Control Systems4.000000
BUS 473Supply Chain Management4.000000
BUS 474Logistics Mgt4.000000
BUS 478Business Process Management4.000000
CE 260Construction Engineering Systems4.000000
CE 463Construction Estimating, Planning, and Control4.000000
CE 610Unknown4.000000
ECE 420Wireless Communication Systems4.000000
HI 400Civilization of the Ancient Near East4.000000
ECE 480Senior Design Project in Electrical Engineering4.000000
MAE 551Airfoil Theory4.000000
MAE 586Project Work In Mechanical Engineering4.000000
MDS 220Coastal and Ocean Frontiers4.000000
MDS 257Technology in the Arts4.000000
MEA 599Regional Geology of North America4.000000
NTR 500Principles of Human Nutrition4.000000
MEA 443Weather Analysis and Forecasting I4.000000
PE 214Beginning Swimming4.000000
PE 216Soccer4.000000
PE 219Gymnastics4.000000
PE 221Intermediate Swimming4.000000
PE 224Water Safety Instructor4.000000
PE 228Springboard Diving4.000000
PE 246Handball4.000000
PE 247Roller Skating4.000000
PRT 152Introduction to Parks, Recreation and Tourism4.000000
PRT 215Principles and Practices of Outdoor Leadership4.000000
PRT 216Unknown4.000000
ARE 306Agricultural Law4.000000
ECI 309Teaching in the Middle Years4.000000
ED 296Special Topics in Education4.000000
EMS 101Orientation to Mathematics and Science Education4.000000
ENG 201Writing Literary Analysis4.000000
ENG 219Studies in Great Works of Non-Western Literature4.000000
ENG 393Studies in Literary Genre4.000000
ENG 394Studies in World Literature4.000000
ENG 406Modernism4.000000
ENG 407Postmodernism4.000000
ENG 411Rhetorical Criticism4.000000
ENG 417Editorial and Opinion Writing4.000000
ENG 425Analysis of Scientific and Technical Writing4.000000
ENG 433Screenwriting4.000000
ENG 488Advanced Fiction Writing4.000000
ENG 490Studies in Medieval Literature4.000000
ENG 525Variety In Language4.000000
ENG 528Language Change Research Seminar4.000000
ES 100Introduction to Environmental Sciences4.000000
FL 224Contemporary World Literature II4.000000
FL 295Special Topics in Foreign Languages and/or Literatures4.000000
GC 410Concepts of Desktop Publishing4.000000
GC 420Visual Thinking4.000000
GC 496Special Topics in Graphic Communications4.000000
HI 263Asian Civilizations to 18004.000000
PEC 211Strength Training and Conditioning4.000000
PEO 216Backcountry Skills and Techniques4.000000
PS 411Public Opinion and the Media in American Politics4.000000
PSY 425Introduction to Cognitive Science4.000000
PS 462Seminar in Political Theory4.000000
PSY 491Special Topics in Psychology4.000000
PSY 508Cognitive Processes4.000000
ANT 495Special Topics in Anthropology4.000000
COM 317Television Production4.000000
COM 327Critical Analysis of Communication Media4.000000
COM 357Digital Video Production4.000000
COM 362Communication and Gender4.000000
COM 476Public Relations Applications4.000000
COM 493Audition and Interpretation Techniques4.000000
COM 496Communication Internship4.000000
EC 471Evolution of the American Economy4.000000
ECD 102University Orientation II4.000000
CRD 703Comm Network Soc4.000000
ECE 209Computer Systems Programming4.000000
HI 446Civil War and Reconstruction4.000000
HI 455History of the Civil Rights Movement4.000000
HI 479Africa (sub-Saharan) in the Twentieth Century4.000000
HI 482Darwinism in Science and Society4.000000
HS 471Tree and Grounds Maintenance4.000000
ID 255Contemporary Manufacturing Processes I4.000000
IE 216Manufacturing Engineering Practicum4.000000
BAE 452Engineering Design II4.000000
BAE 471Land Resources Environmental Engineering4.000000
CHE 543Polymer Science and Technology4.000000
CHE 598Sptp-Polymer Rheol4.000000
CSC 462Advanced Computer Graphics Projects4.000000
CSC 481Computer game Design and Development4.000000
CSC 495Special Topics in Computer Science4.000000
FLJ 102Elementary Japanese II4.000000
FLJ 202Intermediate Japanese II4.000000
FLJ 203Intermediate Japanese Conversation4.000000
FLP 101Elementary Portuguese I4.000000
FLR 201Intermediate Russian I4.000000
FLR 202Intermediate Russian II4.000000
FLS 212Spanish: Language, Technology, Culture4.000000
PRT 350Outdoor Recreation Management4.000000
PRT 420Resort Planning and Management4.000000
TAM 416Apparel Production III4.000000
TC 301Technology of Dyeing and Finishing4.000000
TC 305Introduction to Color Science and Its Applications4.000000
TC 403Carpet Industry4.000000
TC 466Polymer Chemistry Laboratory4.000000
TC 490Undergraduate Research in Textile Chemistry4.000000
TE 440Textile Information Systems Design4.000000
TED 115Wood Processing4.000000
TED 122Metals Technology4.000000
TED 221Construction Technology4.000000
TED 430Manufacturing Technology4.000000
TED 476Transportation Technology: Energy and Power4.000000
TT 241Knitted Fabric Technology I4.000000
WGS 204Sociology of Family4.000000
TT 497Technology of Product/Process Development in Textiles I4.000000
WPS 212Paper Properties4.000000
WPS 360Pulp and Paper Unit Processes II4.000000
ZO 410Introduction to Animal Behavior4.000000
ENG 376Science Fiction4.000000
EOE 101Introduction to Occupational Education4.000000
EOE 207Introduction to Teaching Occupational Education4.000000
EOE 307Field Work in Occupational Education4.000000
ENT 201Insects and People4.000000
FLC 102Elementary Chinese II4.000000
FLF 308Advanced Conversation: Contemporary French Cultures4.000000
FLF 311Methods and Techniques in French Translation4.000000
FLS 316The Culture and Civilization of Latin America4.000000
LAR 444History of Landscape Architecture4.000000
LAR 221Introduction to Environment and Behavior for Designers4.000000
MUS 102Beginning Class Piano II4.000000
MUS 201Introduction to Music Literature I4.000000
MUS 202Introduction to Music Literature II4.000000
PRT 491Special Topics in Recreation4.000000
PS 506United States Constitutional Law4.000000
REL 402Early Christianity to the Time of Eusebius4.000000
ARC 492Special Topics in Architecture4.000000
COM 202Small Group Communication4.000000
COM 204Writing Elec Media4.000000
COM 267Electronic Media Writing: Theory and Practice4.000000
COM 298Special Projects in Communication4.000000
COM 307Digital Audio Production4.000000
CSC 422Auto Lrn Data Anly4.000000
CSC 520Artificial Intelligence I4.000000
MA 513Introduction To Complex Variables4.000000
PE 252Downhill Skiing4.000000
PE 254Beginning Equitation4.000000
PE 257Backpacking4.000000
PE 258Basic Rock Climbing4.000000
PE 259Intermediate Rock Climbing4.000000
PE 263Tap Dance4.000000
PE 264Ballet4.000000
PE 266Ultimate Frisbee4.000000
PE 267Flag Football4.000000
PE 271Varsity Sports4.000000
PE 283Mountaineering4.000000
PEC 203Coaching Football4.000000
PS 309Equality and Justice in United States Law4.000000
PS 310Public Policy4.000000
PS 314Science, Technology and Public Policy4.000000
SOC 425Juvenile Delinquency4.000000
SOC 427Sociology of Law4.000000
STS 322Technological Catastrophes4.000000
AS 321Air Force Leadership Studies I4.000000
AS 322Air Force Leadership Studies II4.000000
CH 111Preparatory Chemistry4.000000
CH 212Analytical Chemistry Laboratory I4.000000
BCH 452Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory4.000000
ADN 102Design Fundamentals for Art & Design4.000000
BO 400Plant Structure and Diversity4.000000
ECE 506Architecture Of Parallel Computers4.000000
ECE 592Special Topics In Electrical Engineering4.000000
ECG 752Topics In Econometrics4.000000
EDP 504Advanced Educational Psychology4.000000
ENG 246Literature of the Holocaust4.000000
ENG 248Survey of African-American Literature4.000000
ENG 272Writing About Film4.000000
ENG 289Poetry Writing4.000000
IE 401Stochastic Models in Industrial Engineering4.000000
IE 417Manufacturing Engineering III - Computer Integrated Manufacturing4.000000
IE 441Introduction to Simulation4.000000
IE 498Senior Design Project4.000000
MAE 456Computational Methods in Aerodynamics4.000000
MAE 479Aerospace Vehicle Design II4.000000
MDS 346Black Popular Culture4.000000
MDS 351Arts, Ideas and Values4.000000
MDS 497Topics in African-American Studies4.000000
MEA 120The Dinosaurian World4.000000
REL 298Special Topics in Religion4.000000
REL 320Religion in American History4.000000
EC 348Introduction to International Economics3.857142
BO 213Plants and Civilization3.833333
MUS 110Choral Music3.833333
PE 265Softball3.800000
PEH 213Human Sexuality3.800000
CE 325Structural Analysis3.800000
HI 452Recent America3.750000
PE 250Tennis II3.750000
ENT 203An Introduction to the Honey Bee and Beekeeping3.750000
MB 352General Microbiology Laboratory3.750000
ENG 326History of the English Language3.750000
MUS 100Instrumental Music3.736842
PY 124Solar System Astronomy3.692307

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