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Why you should advertise with us
The Wolf Web has been online for over 5 years and has attracted the attention of thousands of NCSU students. Along with over 20,000 registered users, thousands more students browse the site each week. Over 66% of users are aged 18-20 and another 32% are aged 21-25. With over 400,000 ad views per day, you could be reaching this attractive demographic!

The Wolf Web is very unique for an internet community in that 95% of the users are physically located in a 5 mile radius surrounding NC State university. We feel that this separates us from the rest of the internet advertising community. If you are looking to capture the attention of thousands of NC State students, look no farther than The Wolf Web!
Ad System Overview
We offer you the placement of 468x60 pixel GIF banner advertisements on the top right of all of our pages. Ads can link to any page on the entire internet including your home page, an event on our calendar, a topic on our message board, etc. We charge by the "view". A view is tabulated every time that an ad is displayed on the top right of a page. We sell views by the hundreds of thousands for very reasonable rates.
What you need to advertise
Banner Ads : To effectively advertise you will first need at least one 468x60 pixel GIF image. Multiple ads are encouraged to increase variety. Animation is normally used to convey as much information as possible. There are several ways you can create your ad :
  • Websites such as have wizards for you to easily create ad banners from a variety of templates. The site is free to use, but the logo is layed on top of your ad.
  • You can create the ad yourself using one of the many software packages available. Adobe ImageReady (included with Photoshop) is our preferred application. It provides limitless flexibility in creating the ad you desire.
  • We can create the ad for you. We have several designers who can create an ad to your exact specifications. Please contact us for a quote!
Web Address : When clicked, the banner ad sends the user to a location of your choice for further information. Many advertisers choose their home page or a page within their site. Other advertisers link to events on our calendar, photos in our photo gallery, or topics on our message board.

Money : Advertising is sold by the "view". VIEWS ARE NEVER GIVEN AWAY (don't even ask!). Our main ad page lists the various ad packages for sale. Our package prices vary with time based on supply and demand. The prices are VERY competitive with other internet advertising plans and other advertising mediums.
How to start advertising
Register : First of all you must be a registered user. If you are not, first go to our registration page to create a user account (some email addresses will incur a registration charge).

Purchase Ad Views : Ad views can be purchased from the main ad page. Once ad views are purchased from the main ad page, they will show up within 24 hours on the My Ads page.

Ad Management : Each user has his/her own "My Ads" page. From the My Ads page users can activate and deactivate their ads in real time. As an ad is activated, it is immediately placed in the random picker that displays an ad on each page. Every time it is displayed, a view is used. As an ad is deactivated, it is removed from the random picker.

Upload Ads : Ads can be added to our system by clicking the "Add an Ad" button on the top right of the My Ads page. Once an ad is added, it must be approved by an administrator before being activated. An unlimited amount of ads can be created in our system.

Transfer Views : Ad views can be given to other users by clicking the "Transfer Views" button on the top right of the My Ads page. We do this to encourage batch purchases of ad views.
Do the views I buy ever expire?
No, they can be distributed among many different people running many different ads at many different times. No limitations!

Why do my ads need approval?
The content in the ads must be decent. The link that they go to must also be decent. Approval generally takes only a few hours.

How many ads can I have active at once?
We have not limited the number of ads that a user can have active at once. Hopefully this will not cause any problems.

Can I buy views and resell them?

How much does it cost for extra ads?
The are FREE. You can add as many ads as you want through the "Add an Ad" page even without buying views! The only cost is for views to display the ads.

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