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 Site Info » Posting Guidelines
  • Go light with the insults - It is welcomed to attack someone's ideas but please refrain attacking character.
  • Watch the language - it would be ridiculous to ask a bunch of college students to eliminate the use of foul language in their discussion, that is not what I am asking. Just keep the 4 letter words out of the subjects of the message. The idea is for any new user to have to click 3-4 times before he/she gets offended :)
  • Don't incriminate yourself - There is always the chance that a member of law enforcement could browse this board. Do not post anything that will incriminate you or someone else.
  • Post new threads in the right section - Save us the trouble of having to move your topic to the correct section. Post in the right section to begin with. Additionally, if you post the same topic in multiple sections or post a dummy topic pointing to a topic in another section, this is grounds for immediate suspension. Nothing pisses us off more than seeing "I posted this in <insert right section> but no one looks there so now I am posting it in <insert wrong section> to get more attention". The Wolf Web does provide free advertising and attention, in the CORRECT places.
  • Stay On-Topic - Try to stick with the topic. If you have something important to say that doesn't relate to the topic, then start a new topic. If you have something useless to say, keep it to yourself.
  • Be thoughtful/humorous - Hundreds of people browse the message board each day. Before you post something, think to yourself, "would the majority of the users want to read this?". If the answer is "no", then don't post it.
  • No threads directed personally - Do you think the other thousand people on this site want to read some personal shit between you and your buddy? - NO. Use mail instead.
  • Do not consecutively reply to a topic - If you are within the alloted timespan for editing a message that no one has replied to and you think of something to add, EDIT the message. DO NOT REPLY AGAIN. Constant abuse of this will not be tolerated.
  • Do not fuck with the moderators - Not really a requirement, but more of a suggestion. A key suggestion: If they contact you in private about an issue, reply back in private. There is nothing that pisses them off more than you publicly broadcasting information meant for just you.

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