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All personal information entered by users is displayed publically. The sole exception is the email address. Email addresses are most frequently used by The Wolf Web to communicate with users about issues that need direct attention. Occasionally mass emails are sent by The Wolf Web to alert the user base of important issues, events, and features. Email addresses will not be sold or exchanged with 3rd parties.

Any private content (private mail or content in a private site section) is susceptible to audit at any time for any reason. Although an audit of content is rare, in the event of harrassments, threats, or any other suspected deviance, content may be reviewed and submitted to the appropriate authorities.

Cookies are implemented for the identification of users. This identification is used for most site functions. It is also used to log traffic and user actions. This logging records connection information including client IP address, requested host header, referring URL, and browser data. The logs are utilized to enhance security, performance, and error tracking. Attempts to connect to The Wolf Web without supporting cookies will result in the blockage of client IP address(s).

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