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 Stories » Brent Road a Bust??

Brent Road a Bust??

submitted by sparky on Monday, August 27 2001 at 5:49 PM

I think not. True it wasn't 6,000 people marching down Brent Road but it was very entertaining. I had a blast and everyone I was with had an equally good time. There is nothing like telling a cop that you are about to shotgun a beer and him asking you to shotgun one for him because he has had a bad day. It is weird to be sitting in the front lawn with your underage friends who are drinking beer out of a cup and wave to the passing police officers.

To all of you who missed it, well, you missed it! You know how the saying goes, "It is not a party until the cops come." Well they were already there!

All in all there were 295 citations and 42 arrests most of which were made at the checkpoints and not on Brent Road. 16 of the arrests were N.C. State students with 13 of those for underage possession of alcohol.

After all the waste of taxpayers' dollars and the $110,000+ dollars NCSU spent on the crossroads party, in order to keep students away from Brent Rd., who looks foolish now, because WE STILL HAD FUN!

For more information see the articles in The Technician, News & Observer, and

posted by EVroccck on Monday, August 27 2001 at 6:10 PM

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well said...
i had a blast. RPD overcompensated with security

8/27/2001 7:00:56 PM

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Hell yeah, Jared! Those bastards can't stop us, no matter what. And yes, most of the police were pretty nice. not ALL, but most.

8/27/2001 7:09:12 PM

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i had a good damn time

8/27/2001 10:18:24 PM

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42 arrests huh, I was one of them. For putting a cirgarette butt on the sidewalk(actually rolled from the driveway onto the sidewalk). Litering was the case that they gave me. Cuffed, and brought downtown for a damn cigarette butt. Fucking pigs, at least I wasn't the guy in the van that got arrested for cussing. It was good to witness Raleigh's finest earning the badges.

9/5/2001 5:14:39 AM

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