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 Stories » Our Day of Infamy

Our Day of Infamy

submitted by roguewolf on Tuesday, September 11 2001 at 8:05 PM

Today my friends, and fellow peers of NC State and the nation, we the people of the United States were suddenly and horribly attacked by terrorists of an unknown foe. These attacks led to the utter destruction of the NYC World Trade Center Twin Towers, the partial demolishing of the Pentagon, and a crash of a commerical Jet in SE Pennsylvania. These attacks occured in the early morning hours of September 11 2001, by means of terrorists flying Boeing 767's and 757's directly into each of these areas.
Today and tomorrow is a day of mourning, a day of reflection and peace. I urge all of you to call your family and friends, join friends tomorrow, and open your heart up to all Americans in this time of great grief.
However, let us never forget those who have died and are dying! Let us remember this cowardly attack on our countrymen and women and not let them to die in VAIN!!! WE must not be put into fear by those who mean to hide behind shadows!!!

In the next few days, weeks, and months our lives will change, and we should be prepared as our nations new leaders to accept the challenge and prevail over this Evil.
A Evil that we must never strike again. We must not fail, not surrender, but win for hope of a new future.

posted by Joe on Tuesday, September 11 2001 at 10:07 PM

All American
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Just thought there were a couple of things that need to be repeated from other threads and posted on the main page.

from Maugan:
Guys, don't be scared... if you are scared... THEY HAVE WON. Think about it... nobody is going to want to fly anymore... nobody is going to want to go into a public important place. They have made you afraid to live your normal lives. DON'T LET THEM WIN. We're Americans damnit. We're some of the most resilient, stubborn people history has ever come across. Our past is marked by hardships and tragedies. This will be a day to live in memory, but it will also be a day remembered as the day when America woke up, and realized that our sheltered lives that we have been living is all just a fragile house of cards. A house of cards that needs to be protected with every resource at our disposal.

from bartleby:
In addition to what Maugan said, I want to encourage people not to freak out and blame any person of Middle East descent for this. Don't start acting scared or angry at someone just because they have ties to the Middle East. And for heaven's sake, don't attack them or damage their property in retaliation for the attack. Chances are, they are just a normal person and aren't responsible for what happened in any way. If you we start treating these people different because of this, they've beat us that way.

Would you like to be held responsible for every bad thing that any white (or black or whatever your ethnic background happens to be) person does?

9/11/2001 10:15:01 PM

All American
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(correction) The crash in Pennsylvania was in the south western part of the state.

9/11/2001 10:20:30 PM

All American
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nicely put nick.

as they said in '41, as i'll say now, "they have awoken the sleeping giant."

now they must pay the ultimate price.

9/11/2001 10:29:20 PM

warning: not serious
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yay sprinkles!

9/11/2001 10:30:22 PM

All American
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sorry i meant SE of Pittsburgh.

and bart is very correct in not jumping to conclusions...first calm, then fight.

9/11/2001 10:31:49 PM

All American
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very poetic

9/11/2001 10:37:33 PM

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very nice nick, but please, no war!!!

9/12/2001 12:22:08 AM

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those responsible will be punished, as soon as it is confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt who they are and where they are.

9/12/2001 10:31:33 AM

New Recruit
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This was an act of war on our homeland of an unprecedented scale and rather than run to enlist in our armed forces, nothing can be heard over the mumbling of prayers, thudding of knees hitting the floor, and the blaring of CNN on our television sets.

Pray for our country? Religion is at the root of this problem. You think those animals would have gone against their natural need for self-preservation if they didn't think there was something better on the other side? If only there were a way to prove that something which does not exist, actually does not exist. There'd be know holy land then, by god. Why can't you sheep just accept life at face-value, and not have to need the threat of an omnipotent, invisible, super-being, to keep you in line and give your life order?

America has become a nation of weaklings. Our fat, lazy diet of Oprah, therapy, Prozac, feminism (there's not a popular sitcom on t.v. where the husband isn't a bumbling idiot while the mother figure is the one actually in charge), and liberal ideas (disallowing dodgeball and other directly competitive sports in schools, no longer permitting students to fail, etc.), have rendered our society without a backbone. The lack of people calling for retribution, and the nonexistence of lines at the recruiter's office is the proof. I bet most of you, for atleast a brief instant, thanked your lucky stars that you were in college and safe from a possible draft.

We should be marching to the Capitol demanding our long overdue retribution.
Today I got an email from my section Sgt. in the National Guard. The subject line read: BAD NEWS.
He thanked me for updating profile on how to reach me, and said he'll keep in touch.

I am enraged with this. I sincerely hope there are more of you who feel the same.

9/12/2001 9:05:53 PM

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