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 Stories » A Reminder to Freshmen

A Reminder to Freshmen

submitted by Plankeye on Monday, December 4 2000 at 2:22 AM

"Hey this applies to freshmen or first year student(transfers) here at NC State. If you are going to get a bad grade in a class, then do the freshman repeat. You sign up for the class again and take it. The old grade will show up on your transcript but it won't count towards your GPA, but your new grade will."
Speaking from personal experience the freshman repeat saved my ass. You freshman should be aware that this option is there...and to be wary there is a second semester coming up that you may need to use repeat for as well.

posted by scud on Wednesday, December 6 2000 at 7:56 PM

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Info on freshman repeat policy:

General Repeat Policy:

12/6/2000 8:44:27 PM

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and not only do you get one, but you get two of them....i took full advantage of them, and they really help!!!!

12/6/2000 8:50:42 PM

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i wish they had it so that if you don't use it freshman year, you can use it atleast your sophomore year... cause i DAMN SURE need it for this year!!!

12/6/2000 9:04:33 PM

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Hey matt, how exactly do you know so much about all the repeat policies?

12/6/2000 9:59:35 PM

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I am hoping I don't need that for my MA242. I'm afraid I will, though.

12/6/2000 10:53:38 PM

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Don't worry, we've all used it

some of us more than others.

12/7/2000 12:43:50 AM

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ok... the thing with repeating... is you get to do it for any 100 or 200 level class just as long as you retake it within 12 months of the first try. so you can do it any grade, just as long as it is 100 or 200. so that should help all of yall that arent freshman... i'm using one of mine right now and i'm a junior

12/8/2000 12:35:51 PM

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Doing freshman repeat results in doing more work. Take less hours if you have to.

11/30/2001 4:40:30 AM

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