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 Stories » RPD, Friends or Foes...

RPD, Friends or Foes...

submitted by Maugan on Thursday, December 7 2000 at 12:18 PM

Since we here at The Wolf Web have gotten the attention of Student Government and the staff at the Technician, I would now like to see some gusto by our boys in blue, the RPD. I would like to know what they think about the whole nuisance party act. I've spoken to more than one Raleigh City Officer, who thinks that its packed full of just about as much bullshit as we do. Since it seems that the RPD (and perhaps ALE) visit this site now, then at least they could have the balls to say something, for example, why is it that our freedoms are being stepped on?

NOTE: TWW users, please don't respond with hostile gestures towards the police. I'm sure that they already know that they aren't on the top of our favorites list. At least let them respond (if they do) to an audience with open minds.

posted by EVroccck on Friday, December 8 2000 at 3:18 AM

All American
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i would like for someone to institute to teach our loverly campus police officers to use a FUCKING turn signal when they have their lights running so they don't almost run me the fuck over....

talkin shit bout the police for my 500th... oohrah...


12/8/2000 3:56:46 PM

The Jackal
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Can you tell me who you talked to at RPD that thought it the law was bologne??

12/11/2000 12:30:36 PM

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