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 Stories » Classes Canceled Thursday 1/23

Classes Canceled Thursday 1/23

submitted by pureetofu on Thursday, January 23 at 6:55 AM

Twice is nice- cold weather has canceled classes again. Go out and enjoy the weather and build a snowman or enjoy a beverage inside that will warm you up!NCSU Weather

posted by nasteeerr on Thursday, January 23 at 7:59 AM

All American
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1/23/2003 8:40:37 AM

Byrn Stuff
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This means no copyediting.
No Fitness Walking
and No Fucking MA241H.


1/23/2003 8:42:02 AM

All American
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I was looking forward to two and a half hours of pchem.

1/23/2003 9:16:45 AM

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the tp outside makes everythign much better!!! Muuhoohoohahahaa

1/23/2003 10:07:40 AM

All American
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Means I can just go to work earlier and get more hours. Not exciting I know, but I am getting paid.

1/23/2003 2:19:38 PM

All American
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Personally I'm kind of bored having another day off with nothing to do really. I hve already slept all I can for the day.

1/23/2003 2:27:49 PM

All American
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blah...I wanted to go to Archery

1/23/2003 5:05:36 PM

Starting Lineup
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Bored Play A Game

Very easy just follow the directions

1/23/2003 9:02:10 PM

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