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The Coz
Tempus Fugitive
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Mark Harris is running again. Assume he will win, because (R).

9/13/2023 8:11:45 AM

All American
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Quote :
"Here’s the text of Clampitt’s note:

“So why haven’t we had a vote on the budget. Very simple – one man. The man is the leader of the Senate that has his own agenda. We all come to the General Assembly with ideas, plans and projects to help our area. Because of his position – leadership position in the Senate – he has the potential to have an item included in the budget that hasn’t been introduced as a bill, nor has it been assigned to a committee, or vetted by any committee and reviewed by his own Senators. None of the rest of us have this privilege. I only got to see his casino language on Monday at a meeting of those of us that are members of the NC House of Representatives Freedom Caucus.

“The meeting was set up by the Chair, Keith Kidwell. Mr. Kidwell asked Mr. Berger up front, was the casino language going to be part of the budget. Mr. Berger made the declaration that it would be - period. Mr. Kidwell attempted to rationalize with Mr. Berger that he may get more support by running it as a stand-along bill and would possibly garner more support. Mr. Berger then stated that he was giving an information meeting and was not interested in debate, questions or amendments. This meeting lasted an hour, and it was very disturbing the way I and my colleagues we(re) talked down to, bullied, disrespected, intimidated, and threatened that if we did not agree to have this included in the budget, ran on the house floor and pass, that the entire budget process would be reset. (Emphasis added)

“Which meant that ALL the member projects would be reviewed and possibly be in jeopardy of even being included in the new budget. He is attempting to shift the blame and lack of progress on the state’s budget to the Speaker and the NC Freedom Caucus.

“I can tell you that is not true, and do not believe what you see or hear in the media. There is more I could go on about this. I believe that you should by now have a better understanding of what is really happening. Just to belay any fears of not having a budget, the House has options available and will work to optimize those options.

“-- Mike Clampitt”"

9/20/2023 12:11:40 PM

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